Reasons why the UK wanted to leave the EU

The referendum that was held on Thursday in UK reveled that majority of citizens opted to leave the European Union (EU). Britain joined the EU in 1973 and since then it has been an active member of the union. So why did the UK want to leave the EU? In this article, we are going to give you reasons that triggered citizens of Britain to vote to leave the EU.

1. Immigration

This is arguably the most influential factor that trigger UK citizens to choose to exit the EU. Since the EU was enlarged to lower wages in areas such as Eastern Europe, British citizens were forced to compete for jobs with immigrants who were willing to accept lower wages. Many native citizens felt that large number of immigrants brought by the EU made it difficult for them to get decent job. As a result, they saw the only way to solve the problem of immigrant and high unemployment rate by native citizens is by exiting from the EU. In addition to job competition brought the large influx of immigrant into the country, many native citizens think that huge influx of immigrants into the country has actually changed the cultural dynamics. Many citizens think that this has made Britain to lose its cultural identity.

2. Giving a lot but receiving less

Another reason that made UK to leave the EU is because most citizens feel that the country actually giving so much to the union but in return they received less. Financial statistics revealed that £45 million pay day is usually poured into the union for Britain membership. In addition to that, 0.1% of the countries VAT usually goes to the EU and the figure is about to rise to 2%. Most British citizens don’t see the value for their money. In addition to that, the union usually spend billions on bailout for failed economies a factor that did not sit well with British citizens.

3. Generational change

Although the result reveled that majority of people who voted to leave the EU were old generation, various polls revealed that majority of youth generation did not feel that EU benefited them. Unlike the older generation who had good paying job that enable them to buy a house and even get a good pension, nowadays, majority of new generation find it difficult to get a good job that can enable them earn a decent living. For the first time, the younger generation is actually not guaranteed to be wealthier than their parents, a factor that triggered them to vote to leave the EU.

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