The UK’s Stance on Immigration

Immigration has become a huge topic of discussion in the UK and its now among the top three issues dominating the regular polling, coming behind economy and unemployment. Too often, immigration has been blamed for many of UK’s social and economic woes. Britain needs a high increase in the supply of new housing, which is an overwhelming demand coming from immigrant families.

Immigration is definitely a difficult political challenge that UK government has to deal with like many other nations across the world. However, UK citizens feel that they have completely lost control over their borders due to huge numbers of immigrants from European countries. Well, its true that the immigration is now out of control. Britain’s population is estimated to be more than 60 million and its rising, mainly due to immigration. The country is increasingly overcrowded, although its said that a country is the product of its own people, but if you can change the people, you will inevitably change the very nature of the country.

UK has an open-door policy, which many British citizens believe is a sole contributor to uncontrolled and unrestricted immigration leading to high demand of housing, high crime rates, traffic congestion, high income taxes, low education standards, strain to the environment, long hospital waiting lists, low wages and loss of British identity. Its important to point out that each country has a right to maintain its identity.

UK citizens want their country to remain or return to the way has been traditionally. While they accept that UK has ethnic minorities, they have no problem if these groups remain minorities. According to recent immigration statistics, the net migration numbers to UK went up to 330,000 in 2015, which was far in excess of what the UK government had expected. The large chuck of these numbers was from EU, hitting 183,000, which is largely responsible for the sudden rise.